Last Change for Limited Edition Holiday Bars Before They are Gone!


Available In-Store for Pick-Up (Subject to Stock Availability)

Witches Brew, CAD$20.00
Our house made hot cocoa powder & marshmallow combo of
Ecuadorian chocolate ground with organic cane sugar, but with charcoal is added to the mix.
200g bag of cocoa and 12 strawberry marshmallows.
Candied Hazelnuts, CAD:$12.00
Bag of chocolate covered candied hazelnuts. 100g
Honey-Nib Caramel, CAD:$12.00
Hives for Humanity honey caramels with Madagascar cacao nibs. Bag of 10
Chocolate Covered Orange Peel, CAD:$16.00
Dark chocolate covered candied orange peels
Cocoa Powder, CAD:$7.00
Tanzania single-origin cocoa powder - 100g bag
Hives for Humanity Honey, CAD:$20.00-25.00
Hives for Humanity (H4H) is a nonprofit society that creates opportunities for connection to community, through nature, bees and the culture of the hive.
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